October 13 thru 15, 2022 – Rosen Shingle Creek:


Thursday, October 13, 2022 – 4:15pm EDT – Room-TBD

“Mentorship Moments: How Great Leaders Bring Out the Best in Others”

We all have a leader who made an unforgettable impact on our careers. This person challenged how we see ourselves, how we show up in the world, and the way we lead. These difference-makers change our lives. They teach us that the best leaders are also great mentors who cause us to think and act differently.
Based on the groundbreaking national research study of over 1,000 professionals, this highly interactive program reveals a practical process to unlock the potential in others. Participants will be challenged to look at their leadership differently, change how they interact with their team, and learn how to bring out the best in the people around them.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe how to leverage mentorship to attract, develop and retain great employees.
  • Identify the traits of great mentors and assess how you measure up.
  • Create the Mentorship Moments that drive team performance and leadership growth.
  • Apply the 3 simple steps to develop your next generation of leaders.


Ted Ma is an international keynote speaker, author, and leadership expert who works with organizations to develop their next generation of leaders so they won’t lose their best employees. He was named one of the top 100 keynote speakers of 2019 by Databird Business Journal. He believes that increasing retention, engagement, and sales begins with building tomorrow’s leaders today.

As a millennial, Ted has been leading teams and developing leaders for over 17 years. Unlike many leadership experts, he built an international sales team from 0 to over 6,000 independent agents and reached the top 1% in that company.

Ted has been featured in publications including USA Today, Inc, Kiplinger, and the New York Times. He has delivered over 1,000 presentations to audiences as large as 10,000 and has shared the stage with speakers like John Maxwell, Jack Canfield, and Mel Robbins. He is a member of the National Speakers Association, the Global Speakers Federation, and Toastmasters International.

When he’s not traveling the world speaking, you may find Ted hiking, cheering on the San Francisco 49ers, or ordering complicated coffee drinks.


Saturday, October 15,2022  – 8:00am EDT –  Room-TBD

Here is Winning the Customer 4.0 –  

Future-proofing your business by better responding to a new generation of wants, needs and expectations.

How, when and where we buy has changed dramatically in recent years. Winning today is often dictated by those who can deliver faster and are remarkably easy to do business with. In this revealing, thought-provoking and very entertaining presentation, popular Customer Experience expert David Avrin, CSP shines a light on the profound shift in customer expectation, while showing your team everyone’s role in eliminating friction in the buying process, responding to prospects, and creating Customer Experiences worth sharing.



David Avrin – President – Highlands Ranch, Colorado


One of the most in-demand Customer Experience and Marketing speakers and consultants in the world today, David Avrin, CSP has shares his content-rich, very entertaining and actionable presentations with enthusiastic audiences across North America and around the world including recent presentations in Singapore, Bangkok, Melbourne, Brisbane, Antwerp, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Mumbai, Sri Lanka, Abu Dhabi, Manila, Rotterdam, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, London, New Delhi, Johannesburg and Dubai. David helps organizations better understand and connect with their changing customers and clients to help future-proof their businesses.

David’s business insights have been featured on thousands of media outlets around the world. He is also the author of five books including the acclaimed: It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You!, Visibility Marketing, Why Customers Leave (and How to Win Them Back) and his newest book: The Morning Huddle — Powerful Customer Experience Conversations to Wake You Up, Shake You Up and Win More Business. 

DR. BART A. BASI, Attorney/CPA

Friday, October 14, 2022 – 11:15am EDT – Room – TBD


Subject: Business Succession Planning and the New Tax Laws

A discussion of the new tax laws and their impact on a company’s cash flow including legal structures for businesses and ways to minimize tax liabilities.

New tax laws are impacting businesses across the country as a result of the COVID_19 Pandemic. With these new laws, a new discussion on company structures must be had. This Session will focus on a discussion of the new tax laws and how they impact the cash flow of your business. In addition, Dr. Basi will discuss what corporate structures now work best in this new economy and what we might see in the future. Additionally, Dr. Basi will touch on topics such as IRS Code Section 1202 which allows an owner to sell their company and pay nothing in tax.
Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

• Understand the new tax laws and the impact they have on cash flow to a company
• Know which legal structure is right for their company
• Describe the alternatives for succession planning for the future of their company or Selling or transferring the Company; and;
• Become motivated to create a Business Succession Plan.


Dr. Basi is the current Senior Advisor to The Center for Financial, Legal & Tax Planning, Inc. He is an Attorney and CPA with a PHD in Economics. Dr. Basi is also one of the Tax Course Instructors for the Internal Revenue Service’s Annual Filing Season Program for Tax Return Preparers throughout the United States. Dr. Basi is admitted to practice in Illinois and New York is also admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court being sworn in to the highest court in the summer of 2015 in front of all 9 Supreme Court justices.


Friday, October 14, 2022 – 9:00am EDT – Room – TBD

Sailboats, Yachts, & Tall-Masted Ships”




Chuck founded Violand Management Associates in 1987 with the objective of helping owners of restoration and cleaning companies build profitable businesses for their long-term professional and personal success. As an author and popular keynote speaker, Chuck is a respected authority on entrepreneurial small businesses, having spent over thirty years as both a business consultant and an executive coach.