About Us


Our Vision:

CETA will be the top resource for distributors in the power cleaning products industry to get information to better their business, improve profitability, educate ownership and employees, and network to improve industry best practices.

Our Mission:

CETA is a non-profit organization providing networking, education, training and regulatory influence to enable profitable growth to distributors of power cleaning products in North America.


The Cleaning Equipment Trade Association (CETA) is a hybrid and evolved from two organizations: the Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) and the Association of Pressure Washer Distributors (APD).

CEMA was originally formed to address common needs and opportunities of the pressure cleaning industry, while APD was formed by distributors to address the needs and opportunities for their future in the pressure cleaning industry.

In 1990, the two associations joined forces to bring their common goals for the pressure cleaning industry together. The merger of these two associations created CETA.

CETA is an international non-profit trade association made up of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, contractors/end users, and associates. All these members coordinate efforts to promote public awareness, professionalism, industry-wide safety standards, and education for the advancement of the powered cleaning equipment industry.

POWERCLEAN is CETA’s annual trade show.  POWERCLEAN is where the pressure washing professionals in the industry come together to see what’s new in equipment and products, network with peers, see live demos, plus participate in many other activities; education seminars feathering top-notch speakers and industry related topics; CETA’s Annual Golf tournament, CETA’s POWERCLEAN Opening Reception, Women of CETA, Networking at its best and more.

CETA offers the Distributor Certification Program to promote and maintain the highest standards of service and personal conduct among its members. Adherence to these standards is required for acceptance into the program; the program ensures public confidence in the integrity and service of the Cleaning Equipment Trade Association.

The Manufacturer Certification Program offers the CETA Performance Certification Standard. Across the globe, standards are a key tool of business. Our industry is not exempt. As more new domestic and overseas manufacturers enter the market, uniform methods of measuring and rating machine performance are critical for clarity in our market.

CETA opened up our membership to contractors/end users to bring the entire pressure cleaning industry together. We are proud of our many offerings and strengths, including: experienced board members, strong regional partners and support, news service and recognition, long history, membership service, growth, traditions, educational opportunities, focus on professionalism, certifications, scholarships, and our annual trade show.