“CETA’s Annual PowerClean® show has always proved to be effective for us a manufacturer. It not only allows us to show off all of our new and existing products, but it gives a chance to visit with our existing customers and pick up a few new ones all under one roof.”

Karl Loeffelholz
Dealer Division Manager
Mi-T-M Corporation

“The digital age has made communication easier and more accessible than ever before. However, there is still the highest value to have in-person meetings within our industry. I feel that in-person meetings make it much easier to strengthen relationships that are crucial for the success of the industry. I value the relationships I have gained through PowerClean®.”

Scott Hansen
Alkota Cleaning Systems
Alcester, SD  57001

“The work [CETA has] done with the CARB [California Air Resources Board] and SORE [small off-road engines] committees is huge, and regulation across the country is only going to get worse.  It takes industry-specific knowledge to be heard clearly when regulating bodies request comments. [We] need to have an organization with our best interests at heart working for us.  The association has been at the forefront of engaging on industry issues since 1990. “CETA was instrumental in not having hot water pressure washers classified as boilers.   This would have meant a yearly licensing fee and many restrictions. The importance of CETA cannot be overstated.   “[I] want a group that’s looking out for my industry.” And that’s CETA.

Greg Sprunk, President
Superior Cleaning Systems
Phoenix, AZ  


“Every year, I find myself absolutely amazed by all the activity at the PowerClean trade show. It’s definitely the place to view everything that’s new and exciting in the power washing industry. I especially value the opportunity it gives me to talk with manufacturers and suppliers from throughout the world. It’s great to gain their perspectives on where our industry is headed.”

Royce Rasmussen, Owner
Royce Industries LC
Salt Lake City, Utah

“I found the CETA newsletter to be one of the most helpful two pages of information I have received. The new programs and training offers are proof that CETA is trying to help its members.”

Dennis Black, President
McHenry Equipment Inc.
Frederick, Maryland