NEWS from the CETA Technical Committee

This Bulletin is to advise subscribers that the effective date to transition from UL 1776 to UL 60335-2-79 has been cancelled.

UL proposed in a bulletin dated November 20, 2020 to cancel the effective date for the Industry File Review (IFR) to transition to UL 60335-2-79. During the comment period, UL received no negative responses and in view of this, the effective date is being cancelled.

As stated in the aforementioned bulletin, the effective date cancellation is based on a request from the Technical Harmonization Committee (THC) members responsible for the development of UL/CSA 60335- 2-79, and high-pressure cleaning machines manufacturers.

UL is cancelling the March 1, 2021 effective date until the UL/CSA 60335-2-79 standard is published and a new effective date established to transition from UL 1776 to the new standard UL /CSA 60335-2-79.

High pressure cleaning machines can continue to be investigated to either UL 1776 or UL 60335-2-79 prior to this new effective date.

Should you have any questions about this bulletin please contact Christopher Hutchings via email ( or via phone (1-510-319-4067).