CETA’s objective in publishing this standard is to provide a uniform method for testing and rating pressure washers. The movement toward performance standards has becomes a world-wide effort. The use of such standards offers significant advantages. A performance-based standard focuses on desired characteristics of the final product, service or activity, rather than the processes to produce it. (Note: Performance-based standards are also known as objective-based standards).

The goal is to have a standard to evaluate pressure washer specifications used in advertising. CETA certification will not only improve the image of our members but will provide leverage in an industry with increasing competitive pressure.

Why do we need performance standards?

  • Objective: to evaluate pressure washer’s specifications used in advertising material.
  • Requirements for a pressure washer to be CETA certified:
  • The actual measured pressure in the equipment needs to be at least 90% of the advertised pressure.
  • The actual measured flow in the equipment needs to be at least 90% of the advertised flow.
  • In case of Gas engine pressure washers, the engine must operate at 85% of its maximum capacity or less.
  • In case of Electric motor pressure washers, the motor shall not exceed the amperage on the name plate including the service factor while supplying +/-10% of the name plate voltage.

What is the Relation between CETA CPC 100 and PWMA?

Pressure Rating (PSI) Average of 6 P1 values taken every 5 minutes + 10% Average of 6 values taken every 5 minutes + 10%
Flow Rating (GPM) Average of 6 flow values taken every 5 minutes + 10% Average of 6 flow values taken every 5 minutes + 10%
Pressure spike none none
Engine reserve (RPM) 15% none
Amps Motor name plate amps + service factor. Wattage shall not be more than 110% of rated value per section 81.1 of UL1776
Voltage +/- 10% of motor voltage name plate. 120V +/- 1V
Break in none 2hours / 5 hours max cycling 20/10 sec. (spray/bypass)
General Program Admin. Fee $500 Administration Fee
$250 administration charge for any changes
The third party laboratory general admin fee is covered by membership dues.
NRTL Testing Laboratory Fee Arranged by applicant All testing is conducted by Intertek.  The costs vary and are dependent on various factors.
Deviation Allowance for nozzles, gauges and testing accuracy 10% Tolerance and additional 5% for designs with chemical injector in pump manifold. Average allowable psi and gpm divided by 0.9 10% Tolerance measured upstream of any regulating or chemical injection devices in manifold area. Average allowable divided by 0.9

Companies that are CETA CPC 100 Certified:

Contact the CETA office or go to www.ceta.org to get your application for the CETA Performance Standard to get your company started.