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Lifetime Achievement Award

The Cleaning Equipment Trade Association (CETA) established the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1995 to recognize those who have achieved excellence in the Pressure Cleaning Industry and to honor those who have made significant contributions.

Nominee must have made a significant contribution to the industry and will continue to distinguish their work in the improvement of our industry.

The prestigious CETA Life Time Achievement Award honors an individual or individuals who have made significant contributions to the pressure cleaning industry. The CETA Board of Directors is pleased to present this year’s honorees with this award for their many achievements and contributions to the Pressure Cleaning Industry.

Please contact Awards Chair, CETA, with suggested nominations and requests for information at


2021 CETA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient – Mr. Sam Humphrey

Mr. Sam Humphrey

Sam Humphrey has served as President of the Mi-T-M Corporation since 1998. Graduating from Eastern Illinois University he worked in both education and retail management where he developed a deep understanding of team building. Humphrey relies on his team building experiences today to lead the Mi-T-M management team in their continuous effort to improve business practices, manufacturing efficiencies and enhance customer relations. The scope of his leadership has spanned to virtually all aspects of Mi-T-M.


Humphrey has been instrumental in the growth of Mi-T-M since he joined the company in 1991 as Marketing Manager. AJ Spiegel, CEO and owner of Mi-T-M, came to rely on him for his strategic approach and sound decision making.


Mi-T-M had become well known for cold water pressure washers since the company was founded in 1971. In 1983 Mi-T-M decided it was time to make the leap to building hot water machines. Eventually Sam Humphrey earned a promotion to President of Mi-T-M and was a major force to drive the efforts of Mi-T-M to become a leader in this advanced segment of the cleaning equipment industry as well. Under Sam’s direction, the Mi-T-M company now manufacturers over 45 industrial models of pressure washers.


Always looking for solid growth opportunities Sam’s team realized the coming importance of water conservation and seeing the need to meet the federal, state and local clean water requirements, Humphrey led his team to develop a water reclamation division as a compliment to the industrial pressure washer product line. In 1998 the first Mi-T-M Biological Water Treatment System was installed at the Bay Hill Country Club in Orlando, Florida. In 2007 The Kiplinger Letter recognized the Mi-T-M Corporation as a leading manufacturer of water recycling technology.


Mi-T-M’s vision of growth through diversification was accomplished under the leadership of Sam Humphrey and his management team. Under his guidance, the Mi-T-M Corporation has progressed from a respectable cold water pressure washer manufacturer to currently manufacturing hot and cold pressure washers, air compressors, portable generators, wash water reclaim Systems, industrial wet/dry vacuums, jobsite boxes, portable heaters, water transfer pumps and a very sophisticated metal fabrication division as well as a world class industrial parts painting facility in a one million square foot facility in Peosta, Iowa.


Humphrey lends his knowledge and offers his support on many industry boards. He thrives on interacting with the customers and, over the years, cultivated lifelong friendships with many. As an avid hunter. When the opportunity permits, he has also shared his adventures with many friends, family and business associates.


With Humphrey’s full support, Mi-T-M will continue to play a big role in the Cleaning Equipment Trade Association. In his rare spare moments, Humphry supports local charities and most recently was a board member for the Peosta Community Center which was built and donated by Mi-T-M’s owner, AJ Spiegel.


While Sam Humphrey has truly spent a large portion of his adult life in shaping and serving in the Clean Equipment Industry, of all his professional accomplishments, Sam is most devoted to his family. With the support of his wife Candie and children Scott, Ashley and Kelly, the President of Mi-T-M will continue to embrace the challenges of today and lead the company into 2022 and beyond!

Past CETA Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

  • 1995 Walter Malsbury Walters Manufacturing
  • 1996 Jack Simpson Simpson Company
  • 1997 Jim Coleman Mobile Sales & Service
  • 1998 Jerry Alexander KO Manufacturing
  • 1999 Gene Bowling Alkota Cleaning Systems
  • 2000 Dwayne & Gale Whitmire Whitco, Inc.
  • 2001 Michael Christopherson General Pump Inc.
  • 2002 William Bruggeman Cat Pumps
  • 2003 Larry Linton Landa Water Cleaning Systems
  • 2004 Charelen Laymon Hotsy Bay Area
  • 2005 Cliff and Betty McGinty General Equipment Company
    Royce Rasmussen Royce Industries LLC
  • 2006 Charlene Yarbrough Advantage Publishing
  • 2007 James A. Scott Alkota Cleaning Systems
  • 2008 Jim Prosser J Prosser Enterprises
  • 2009 Ben Benefield Etowah Chemical Sales and Service Inc
  • 2010 Bob Griswold Apache Industrial Cleaning Systems
  • 2011 Bob Farley Farley’s Inc.
  • 2012 A.J. Speigel Mi-T-M Coproration
  • 2013 Roy & Linda Chappell Chappell Supply & Equipment Co.
    John Sr & Brenda Purswell Alklean Industries, Inc.
  • 2014Gary Scott Alkota Cleaning Systems
  • 2015 Ralph A. Notch AR North America, Inc.
  • 2016Charles Tibboles R.W. Beckett
  • 2017 Tim & Karen Layden High PSI
  • 2018 Dr. Marlo Dean Karcher NA
    Mr. Roger Walz Alkota Cleaning Systems
  • 2019 Gregg Brodsky Alkota Cleaning Systems
  • 2020 Patrick G. Wingen Aaladin Cleaning Systems
  • 2021 Sam Humphrey Mi-T-M Corporation

Annual Convention

CETA Distinguished Service Award

2021 Distinguished Service Award Recipient – Mr. Jack Hill

Mr. Jack Hill

Jack Hill was nominated by Gary Scott for the 2021 CETA Distinguished Service Award.


“Having been a customer of General Pump for many years, I can vouch for Jack’s integrity, honesty, and work ethic. Jack truly is an asset to our industry.” Gary L. Scott – Alkota Cleaning Systems


Jack Hill has been in the pressure washer business for 37 years. He worked side by side with Mike Christopherson building General Pump into the great company it is today. Jack has spent his career developing and improving product for the cleaning equipment manufacturers and distributors in the industry. If you visit with Jack about a new product or about improving a current product, you never hear the word “No”. He will always go to work to solve the problem, or he will go to work having a product developed to help you.


Jack and General Pump have supported CETA since the beginning of the organization. You will always see General Pump on the trade show floor with Jack himself to greet you. For many years, Jack and General Pump have helped to sponsor the CETA Opening Reception that everyone looks forward to attending. It is the one place where all members come together to grab a bite to eat, perhaps share a drink and visit with friends.


Jack is a devoted husband to wife Kimberly and awesome father to his three sons, Jack, Jake, and John. Jack’s favorite pastime is spending as much time as possible at his cabin, his heaven on earth, on Lake Vermillion in northern Minnesota.


Jack is truly the voice of General Pump and is well known throughout the industry.

Past Distinguished Service Award Winners

  • 1986 B. H “Bud” Benson L & A Products
  • 1987 William Lindsay L & A Products
  • 1988 Robert Borden
  • 1989 John L. Roy
  • 1990 Warren Jarvis
  • 1991 Patrick Wingen AaLadin Cleaning Systems
  • 1992 Charlene Laymon Always Under Pressure
  • 1993 Ben Benefield Etowah Chemicals Sales & Service
  • 1994 Larry Linton Landa Inc
  • 1995 Dave Wyett Kleen Quip
  • 1996 Mark Adams Hydro-Blast Inc
  • 1997 ORIX Credit Alliance Inc.
  • 1998 Tom Martin Elite Manufacturing Corp.
  • 2000 Roy Chappell Chappell Supply & Equipment
  • 2002 Charlene Yarbrough Advantage Publishing
  • 2003 Robert Griswold Apache Industrial Cleaning Equipment
  • 2005 Paul Lombard Service One LC
  • 2006 Karl Loeffelholz Mi-T-M Corporation
  • 2007 R. Calvin Rasmussen Royce Industries, L.C.
  • 2017 Gary Weidner
  • 2019 Dick Johnson Alkota Cleaning Systems
    Paul Linton Karcher NA
  • 2021 Jack Hill General Pump

Annual Convention

Community Service Award

Community Service Award History

  • 1994 RGF Environmental Systems Inc West Palm Beach, FL
  • 1995 Royce Industries LC Salt Lake City, UT
    Royce & Julie Rasmussen
  • 1996 Landa, Inc. Portland, OR
  • 1997 Steam Cleaners, Inc. Fresno, CA
  • 1998 Mi-T-M Corporation Peosta, IA
  • 1999 Elite Manufacturing Corp. Decatur, AR
  • 2000 Pressure Systems Industries Phoenix, AZ
    Robert Fowler
  • 2001 Beaver of Wisconsin Plover, WI
    Chester Biadasz
  • 2002 Bozeman Distributors Baton Rouge, LA
  • 2003 Not awarded
  • 2004 A.J. Spiegel, Mi-T-M Corporation Peosta, IA
  • 2005 Sioux Corporation Beresford, SD
  • 2006 Alfred Karcher GmbH Company Germany
  • 2007 Pat Wingen, Aaladin Cleaning Systems, Inc. Elk Point, SD
  • 2016 Rodney Adkins – CTS Cleaning Systems, Inc. Fayetteville, NC