The CETA Education Foundation announces changes resulting from deliberation of its board and the CETA Board of Directors.  A name change to CETA Scholarship Foundation tops the list.

CETA Scholarship Foundation better reflects the mission to provide scholarship opportunities to CETA members, their families, and their employees. The name fits nicely alongside CETA University (re-established in 2020), which serves the educational and informational needs of CETA members

The CETA Scholarship Foundation is a separately incorporated charitable organization that grants scholarship awards to students of CETA members and their employee’s and families, provides member education, conducts industry research. Since its inception in 1996, the CETA Scholarship Foundation has given CETA members an opportunity to encourage and prepare the next generation to join our business and our industry.

It is the intention of the CETA Scholarship Foundation to award scholarships to qualified applicants in a fair and impartial manner. The Scholarship Foundation awards an equal number of scholarships for each CETA eligible membership class— including Manufacturers, Supplier and Distributors—based on applicant rankings supplied by any independent, accredited university. In the absence of a qualifying applicant in a membership class, the Board of Trustees will award a scholarship “at large” to the remaining applicant with the highest ranking, regardless of the membership class. In an effort to maximize scholarship distribution among the CETA membership, the Board of Trustees may, at their discretion, award the “at large” scholarship to the remaining highest ranking applicant in a manner that restricts awards to one per company per scholarship year.

Only the top scoring applicants, based on these rules, will be awarded a scholarship. In the case of a tie, the scholarship award will be shared equally among the tied applicants.

Our goal is to recruit and train future leaders in our industry. We believe that through education, we can increase professionalism at every level. Please remember that your continuing contributions support student scholarships, industry-wide education, and research. Thank you for generosity.